February 24, 2011

Hello world!

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to do with my website.   I started my website back in 1997 (on Geocities no less, anyone remember them?), moved to my own domain in 2000 (remember aellalei.com ?) and started blogging in 2002.   When I started my website I was an awkward teen, painfully shy and didn’t have much self confidence.  My website became my outlet, and my confidence grew as my site grew.  It became a part of my identity.

I feel off the blogging bandwagon in the past few years for a variety of reasons.  Time was a big one.  A bigger one, however, was the site itself.  I had written my own blogging software.  It had all the features that were popular back in the early 2000’s that no one uses today.   Then there was the content itself, outdated and read, unsurprisingly, as though a teenager wrote it.  I was drawn between trying to preserve what I had already done, and wanting to update and more representative as the woman I had become.

As you can tell, I decided to update (and upgrade!).  I have a copy of my old website for posterity, but from now on it’s a new look for a new way of life.  You can still find all the old games I’ve written at athenascape.com, and all the old tools at bluecentauri.com. The fictional writing is now offline, replaced with academic papers. I have new hobbies now, including my photography, baking, crafts, and of course, enjoying my life with my new husband and family.

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