March 21, 2011

1 Down, 11 to Go

I spent way too many hours in bed this morning with a bad migraine. I want to blame it on standing in a small room full of cleaning chemicals for a few hours yesterday. Oh the other hand, one zone down (the master bathroom), and another almost finished (the guest bathroom).

The biggest challenge was the water stains. Our house has hard water. Very hard water. The worst hit was the tub in the master bathroom, which had acquired a raised blue stain around the drain – a combination of the calcium and (I think) soap scum. We had tried all the housing cleaning products we had to no avail. They were so bad I thought we were going to have to hire professionals to come in with the super strong chemicals, stay-out-of-the-house-for-24-hour chemicals.

Saturday we went back off to Target to acquire some different cleaning products to try. The winner: Comet. It still took 4 applications to get it cleaned up, but it’s finally gone. Some of our other cleaning products we tried weren’t as remarkable. We tried Kaboom Foamtastic for the toilets, which sprays on purple and turns white when it’s finished. The sides of the toilet ended up being too slick, and it slid down into the bowl before changing colors.

I still have to recaulk the shower, but I think I’ve had enough of the heavy chemicals for now. (Yes, I know caulk isn’t a heavy chemical, but there’s still a faint smell from the others.) For now, I’m moving on to the office, where most of the work involves organizing and not scrubbing.

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