March 4, 2011

Jillian Michaels, you kick my butt

I just have to say – Jillian Michaels, you kick my butt!  I bought her workout DVD ’30 day shred’ almost a year ago, but only recently got took it out of it’s shrink wrap.  I know, I know – wasted time I could have been getting fit.  C’est la vie.  The important thing is I’m getting healthy now.  I haven’t noticed much of a difference weight wise yet, but I do notice a difference in my appearance.

I’m still on workout one, largely because I’m a big fail at circuit 1.  I can do Circuits 2 and 3.  I can even do the harder versions of the exercise.  I just cannot manage a pushup for the life of me.  Even on my knees.   I’d say it’s because I have no arm strength, but I can do all the other arm exercises with the weights.  Although, to be fair, I do feel it, and one of the areas I think I see improvements is my arms.  I think I must have bad form with the pushups, and the added torque is just too much for me.

I was interested in Yoga too, so I figured I’d mix up the 30 day shred with her Yoga video.  Guess what? Chataranga pushups.  Eventually I will get stronger.  Or my arms will fall off.  One of the two.

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