April 10, 2011

First Cake Pops

Cake pops were a lot of fun, and surprisingly easy! I don’t have a recipe so much, as a set of directions.

  1. Start with your favorite cake, crumble it up into little pieces
  2. Mix in your favorite frosting until you can shape the cake and it stays together
  3. Roll the cake mixture into balls, inserting a lollipop stick. (Dipping the stick in chocolate before inserting into the lollipop can help it stick better.)
  4. Refrigerate or put them into the freezer for the cake to firm up
  5. Dip in melted candy melts to coat.

I had a slight problem with the lollipop sticks popping out of the cupcake bite, so I ended up dripping some melted candy melts around the base of the ball and the lollipop stick to glue it together. If you do this, make sure you refrigerator them again! I had a problem where the cake ball ripped by the candy melts on two of my pops.

There are lots of awesome decoration ideas. I’m sure cake pops will become a staple in my baking repertoire.

Oh, one more thing that’s awesome: If you don’t mind making cakes from a box, you can actually make this extremely low sugar. There are some sugar free cake mixes (using sugar alcohol, which is the sugar substitute used for diabetic friendly foods), and sugar free icings (using Splenda).

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  1. Hello, I came across your blog while looking for a diabetic friendly alternative to cake pops. I see this post is dated back in April so you may already know this but to get the cake pops to stick to the popsicle stick you should try refrigerating the cake balls without the popsicle sticks inserted. Then once they’re chilled dip the popsicle stick about half an inch into the melted candy melts and then stick into the cake balls.

    • Thanks for the tip. I think my problem was that I didn’t stick the popsicle stick in deep enough. I only pushed it in about a third of an inch into the cake ball. When my friends were eating them, the cake balls had a tendency to fall off the stick. Oh well, live and learn 🙂

      Have you found a good diabetic friendly cake pop? I’m still struggling looking for a replacement for the candy melts (which are not diabetic friendly at all!)


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