May 9, 2011

In with the New (Rental Car)

I got a phone call on thursday. The rental car I had been driving for one month (leased for three) needed to go back to the rental company for maintenance. Apparently it was never supposed to be assigned out in the first place, since I needed to go to the airport to pick up my husband that weekend anyway. The timing worked out well, I drove the car to the airport and turned it in, and picked up Domingo before checking out the new car. The rental agency actually saved me the $3 for short term parking.

The new car is a Toyota corolla, and I have to say I am impressed. I like the look and feel of the car better to the old one. It’s a little zippier, even though it’s the same class of car and same age, and the day time running lights are cool. Of course, I was going to like anything that could make it up the parking garage incline. There’s a stop sign at the top of the incline, and the old rental would start to inch back downward.

My current car back home in California should last a few more years (it’s only 7!) but with each major checkup (and accompanying bill) I begin thinking about the “next” car. I have liking the Honda hybrid civics, but now I may need to also consider the hybrid corolla. I like the “little” factor. It’s easy to park, gets great miles per gallon. In California we rarely get inclement whether that would require bigger cars with monster engines. As much as I want to be a mom some day, I doubt I will ever be a soccer mom in need of a big SUV. At least not in the next ten to twelve years, and by then I’d probably be in need a new car anyway.

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