June 25, 2011


I picked up Domingo from the airport at 9am this morning (we will be returning for a 10 am flight tomorrow!) And we spent the day packing. I am unsure how I acquired so much stuff in just 12 weeks. I flew up with two suitcases (one checked, one carry-on) and my laptop. Domingo and I will have two carry-ons each, not including the checked bag! Where did the extra stuff come from?!

We took a leisurely approach to packing, visiting the Cross Roads food court for lunch, and a quick trip to good will. (Yes, I used up the last of the food in the apartment, except for one bag of peas and one tiny chicken breast). We finished packing around 8ish, and went out for dinner to celebrate the end of the internship and being reunited.

I could have planned for a 10pm flight out, rather than waiting for the morning, but I think we would have felt a little too rushed. In about 14 more hours I will get to cuddle with my kitty! It will be good to sleep in my own bed tomorrow. Memory foam, how I missed you!

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