June 12, 2011

Visiting Seattle

Domingo came up to visit me this weekend!

While he brought work, and I needed to make it in to the office as well, we did carve out some time yesterday to sight see in down town Seattle. I made reservations at the space needle for lunch. Yum! We had wanted to go during my internship in 2009, but I never got around to making reservations in time. Actually, when I made reservations yesterday was the only time they had free all month!

We picked a good day and the sun peeked through the the clouds which made for some awesome photography. It was a great way to remember my summer in seattle! I have two more weeks to go before the internship ends and I move back to California. I have to hand it to my fellow interns, some of which are not only married, but have kids! Domingo is only a two hour plane flight away and visits me frequently on the weekends. Just going the five days between weekends is tough. I don’t know how I could handle months away from my family.

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