June 17, 2011

Winding Up to Wind Down

I haven’t been posting a lot lately. We’re in the final stretch of my internship, which means cramming as much work into a few days as possible, before I had back to California. They say the most important moments in a speech are the first line, to hook the audience, and the last line, to give a good lasting impression. The same could be said for most any activity where you have a limited amount of time to make an impression – start strong, end strong.

This was a very good summer. I accomplished a lot, and having the opportunity to work at Bing shows me what life would be like as an applied researcher. As someone who thrives on having impact, it was great to see ideas having a shorter time to impact than they would if I remained purely academic. If I wasn’t itching to graduate before, I sure am now!

It was also easier this time around to be apart from Domingo for so long. (Easier not easy). I knew more what to expect. I was able to plan better. I made sure I had activities to keep me busy during the weekends Domingo didn’t visit. I also did better on stocking the fridge. I have enough frozen meats and vegetables to last for the final week, but not much beyond that. Last time it felt like I simultaneously didn’t have much, and wasted a lot. I had unopened package food I was trying to cram into my suitcase and take home in order to not waste it.

I am going to be sad to be gone, but happy to be home. Seven days left, Seven days to make a lasting impression. Wish me luck!

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