August 28, 2011


Have you heard of It’s an inspiration virtual pin board kind of like delicious, but with picture bookmarks. All serious crafters, decorators, bakers that I know have accounts with pinterest. Well imagine my surprise when I was checking logs and found an incoming link from Pintrest! Turns out someone on pintrest found me, and liked me! I am honored. Whoever you are out there who pinned me (and, dare I hope, maybe even more than one of you?), thank you! You made my day! I’ll have to post more craft projects, so that I can be worthy of more pins.

I have been meaning to post the tutorial for the beaded ornament net. I started doing a different pattern with a St. Petersburg Chain. It feels very Christmas-y. I am already in the holiday spirit, even though it’s only August. I may only be able to hold off on the Christmas carols a little longer.

I have a few other projects I have on the to-do list. I should come up with a better sugar-free cake pop recipe, since that is also one of the most popular posts on my blog. A pudding based icing and cake from a box? Yeah, I can do better than that.

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