September 24, 2011

Pre Season Sales

As I’ve mentioned before, I typically shop in the after holiday / after season sales. Usually you get the best deals and, aside from a few cases, I’ve never had a hard time finding what I want. Well, this year I’ve been introduced to something new – pre season sales.

I’ve been to Micheals, Jo-anns, Hallmark, all having sales for holidays that haven’t happened yet. 30% off for Halloween, 60% off for Thanksgiving, 25% off for Christmas! It’s not usually to see Christmas stuff so early. (Actually, they’ve been available since July). Crafters need to start early, so they can be ready in time to put their decorations out. But what shocks me is the sales. What’s usual is the number of good sales. It’s not just one item here or there. Jo-Anns had their entire Halloween section on sale, including customs and accessories.

It’s yet another sign that industry is predicting a sluggish sales this holiday season. Hopefully I can figure out how to capitalize on them. Nothing makes me more frustrated than realizing I missed out on the best possible deal, even if I got a good deal in the process.

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