September 28, 2011

Suzy Homemaker

It’s no secret that I turn into Suzy Homemaker when I’m stressed. I bake, I cook, I clean. Of course, I do these things when I’m not stressed – but when I kick it into over drive. Today, at 4:32 pm, I dust busted the inside of the laundry hamper. Yup, my day was that good.

School has me stressed out these days. I’m trying to get my user study up and off the ground. The problem is I’m working with different organizations. Neither organization has anything to gain from helping me (other than my undying gratitude.) Apparently my undying gratitude doesn’t go for much these days. I’ve been fighting road blocks for over a month. At about 2 in the afternoon, I got an email from my collaborator about an issue that only he could resolve. Due to other commitments, he won’t be getting around to it for an indefinite amount of time. I’m screwed.

Time to re-evaluate, and maybe come up with a different approach. At least my home will be spotless in the meantime.

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