October 14, 2011

Poor Kitty

Lily is having a rough October. Last Friday was her annual appointment (read: lots of shots). The vet has been talking about getting her teeth cleaned for a few years ago, but last Friday his language changed from “we should start considering…” to “let’s schedule that appointment…”.

In order to get her teeth cleaned, she first needed a blood draw. I figured rather than make two additional appointments (and add to her stress level), we’d get the blood draw during that visit and come back in a week. Today was the big day. Since the teeth cleaning requires general anesthesia, the vet has us withhold food and water. If she has anything in her stomach, it can interfere with the drugs. Poor kitty was so confused. She kept crying and leading us to her food and water dish so we could see they were empty. All throughout the night she would wake us up because she was hungry.

Bright an early this morning, we took her off to the kennel for her second appointment. It’s was an “all day” appointment, she didn’t come home until 3:30! Again, the vet is requiring no food until tomorrow morning, and no water until tonight. She is just as mad as she was last night, except now she’s groggy and mad instead of just mad. She looks like she wants to sleep, but can’t. She keeps getting up and walking around (albeit slowly) to find another spot to try and nap. I may cheat and give her a little watered down food early. The vet said his main concern was the after affects of anesthesia can cause vomiting, but there’s no real risk. So once she’s allowed water, she’ll probably get a little food.

Next week Domingo is going on travel. I’ll be joining him about five days after he leaves, and miss Lily will be going to kennel. At least she loves the kennel, and they love her. (You know the kennel loves your cat when they send you a Christmas card with pictures of your kitty on it!) But getting her in the portable cat carrier and taking her in the car? That’s a completely different story.

So it’s two vet trips and one kennel trip all in the month of October. It’ll be a long time before she trusts us again.

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  1. Good for kitty!! Dental health is very, very important.
    peeper72, DVM

    • I just wish there was a way to make it easier on her. She gets so nervous at the vet she trembles. The vet gave us some dental treats that should help prevent plaque buildup, but she’s not interested in them. We’ve also tried dental toys and toothbrushes. If it helps a little, it’s worth it!


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