November 20, 2011

Disappointing Season

This year’s lead up to black Friday has been a little disappointing.

We’ve been debating about a 3D TV. I’ve been hoping for a good deal to help us make up our minds. I’ve seen a couple fliers for black Friday deals and wanted to see the TV in person, to see the TV quality. We went to Best Buy first. They had five 3D TVs on display. Two of which were not receiving any signal. One was displaying a movie in 3D, but the active glasses weren’t powered, so you couldn’t view the 3D! The final two were receiving a signal, but not responding to commands, so you couldn’t compare them using the same video. One was showing ESPN in 3D and was so horribly pixilated you wouldn’t believe it was HDTV. We couldn’t tell if the problem was the TV, or the ESPN feed. What gives Best Buy?! I think this may have been the push I needed to settle on a 2D TV.

Another thing we’re considering is a Dyson Hand Vac. I previously mentioned we needed a new dust buster. We love our Dyson Animal. It’s the only vacuum that’s held up over time. Since our hand vacs keep losing suction, we decided it’s time to consider the next level in hand vacs. I found a few black Friday deals, but the original price was marked higher so the black Friday deal doesn’t beat Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon! Lame.

We have a couple little things on our list, but so far, this year is looking like a bust for the big ticket items.

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  1. […] As predicted, Black Friday was largely a bust for us. We did snag a couple of good deals – new sheets, that dust buster (although not as cool as the Dyson Hand Vac), a Christmas present or two. According to the receipts it’s an average savings of 56% (of course that’s an over estimate.) […]

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