December 19, 2011

1 + 1 = 3…

… for large values of 1.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the math joke.

As the title implies, Domingo and I are expecting our first child! We’re happy to report we’re out of the first trimester woods, so to speak, and while anything could happen, everything looks great. So far things have been relatively easy. I’m tired and not 100%, which is why we largely stayed in for black Friday, and why I haven’t been baking as much but that’s to be expected. I haven’t had traditional morning sickness, but I have had an icky, nauseous feeling. My main symptom has really been fatigue. But feeling exhausted, or even slightly nauseated, is not so unusual for me – hello grad school stress.

Here’s Zippy at 7 weeks.

I did learn that I need extra sleep. I have been going to bed one to two hours earlier, and still wake up at the same time. If I stay up until my normal bedtime (or worse, later) I get so tired I need a nap the next day. There was one time I took a nap upstairs, walked downstairs and decided it was time to nap on the couch! This was extra problematic because I started sleeping through meals.

Here’s Zippy again just shy of 10 weeks.

Domingo nicked named the baby “zippy” after our 10 week ultrasound. Baby was moving his/her little legs and arms like nobody’s business. We have a very active little baby. Zippy re-earned his/her nickname at the 13 week ultrasound when he/she would not sit still long enough for the technician to take her measurements! In fact, zippy kept turning over and mooning the technician. At one point the technician jiggled the ultrasound wand over my stomach to convince the baby to move into a better position. When she took another look, Zippy was doing a headstand, back still to the technician, butt facing out! It was too funny. I suspect we have a troublemaker in the making.

Zippy at 13 weeks, waving hello.

We did get an early prediction of gender, but I’m going to wait until we have confirmation at the anatomy scan before I tell everyone.

Needless to say, we’re both super excited!

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