February 26, 2012

Joined the Modern Era (Smart Phone Edition)

Well, I finally joined the band wagon and got a smart phone – the iPhone 4S to be exact. My contract had been up for renewal for a while, but I had been holding off because my old basic phone works just fine and I refuse to pay for the internet _again_. Since I work from home most days, I’m never far from a laptop, and my home wifi. A smart phone would mean I have to pay for a $30/month data plan. That’s $360 a year! When we’re already paying for home internet and Domingo’s data plan! Even with me borrowing his phone, we don’t come close to his data limits. (Have I mentioned that I’m cheap?)

Lily helping mommy learn how to use the phone.

Domingo has been trying to convince me to get a smart phone for the past two years. Ever since he got his. He tried to convince me a smart phone would be useful when shopping to price check sales to make sure the final price is actually a good one. It would have been a good argument, if I typically shop by myself. But we’re usually together when shopping and he does have a smart phone. It’s not like we need two phones to price check. He also argued it would be useful to check what’s safe to eat during pregnancy, but again, we tend to eat together so I’m never far from his phone.

However, I’ve finally been convinced it was time to upgrade, but it’s not the access to the internet that convinced me. It’s the camera & HD video on the phone that finally did me in. I love my DSLR and new camcorder, but, let’s be honest, the best camera for taking photos is the one you have at your fingertips. I’m not going to have the DSLR by my side all time, nor am I going to be able to run downstairs and get it whenever the baby does something cute. We figured we’d get the phone a few months before the baby comes so I could get used to it. But when we saw the iPhone 4S was on sale, I figured I would take the plunge.

One thing I didn’t expect is how often I use the phone at home pre baby. It’s true that I am on my laptop more often, but it’s nice to be able to grab the phone while still in bed to check mail & news before getting up and starting the day. Or something will pop into my head as I’m going to sleep and I’ll look something up on my phone, or send a quick email. Given how many days a week I take a nap, it’s been a convenience for sure.

Of course, now I’m committed to the data plan for two years, so I have to make use of it! Here’s hoping I don’t I continue to think that $30 a month is worth it.

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