March 30, 2012

Hello 3rd Trimester

I can’t believe how fast time is flying! It feels like just yesterday I was in Hawaii with Domingo, newly pregnant, and excited about all the changes that were going to start happening. I was analyzing every little twinge I felt for signs of pregnancy symptoms. Every time my stomach was slightly unsettled I’d wonder if morning sickness was starting. June seemed so far away. The anatomy scanned seemed so far away. Even the second trimester seemed so far away.

3rd Trimester Bump

I’m beginning to wonder if the first time mom nerves will ever go away. When we first got pregnant I was terrified it would be a chemical pregnancy. Once we got to six weeks, I was sure it would be an ectopic pregnancy. Then I was worried that it would turn out to be a blighted ovum. I kept worrying that something was wrong, and it was too good to last. I figured once I saw a heartbeat, reached the second trimester or vitality day, I would stop worrying about something going wrong. Here we are starting the third trimester and I still get nervous every time I realize I can’t remember when her last kick was. Does this feeling ever go away?

At this point I think I’m done with tweaking the registry. I kind of have to be. We’re in the home stretch now – only 3 months to go! I’m happy with what we’re considering purchasing, but recently I’ve noticed I’m considering more and more expensive items. At least I’ve been good about finding good sales so far. We’ve enjoyed an average savings so far of 21% off of the everyday price (not the marked up ‘list’ price.)

In fairness, though, I’ve only purchased about 1/10th the items on the list. I’m probably going to have to cave and pay retail on the rest. *Cringe*. At this point, though, I can no longer wait for the best possible deals on most things. We have some clothes for baby, swaddle blankets and a place for her to sleep, so if she were to come tomorrow we wouldn’t be totally unprepared, but it’s time to stop postponing baby purchases. Really. I’m going to pay retail. Maybe if I say it myself often enough I will believe it.

I should also get my act together regarding our baby to-do list. When is nesting supposed to kick in again?! At least I’ve re-hung the fire alarms and plugged in the carbon monoxide tester. We’ve made progress on the house, too, albeit a small amount of progress. Six months pregnant and I can still assemble/dissemble furniture with the best of them. I just require more bathroom breaks.

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