May 25, 2012


I’m 35 weeks pregnant today, which means there’s only 35 days until my due date. I’m working towards a 3AM Saturday paper deadline, but I wanted to post some quick random thoughts for having a bun in my oven that’s 87.5% baked.

My current favorite maternity photo. I’ve improved, no?

Zippy’s movements have really changed the past couple of weeks. I know longer feel the flurry of kicks, but rather her flipping around and stretching. Sometimes it feels like she’s using my abdomen as a bench press. I love being able to make out her little feet! Or at least I think I’m feeling feet. Could be fists!

Zippy has been surprisingly good to my figure. Yes, I have stretch marks and varicose veins, but I haven’t been this happy with the shape of my figure in a long time. I can still fit into, button and sit in my pre-pregnancy jeans without the use of belly bands! Not that I would be comfortable wearing them out in public, but the point is I could.

My belly button reminds me of the bad spot in fruit. I’m still an innie, and my belly has gotten nice and hard lately, except for the belly button which is soft and squishy.

Infant car seats are ridiculously hard to install. Yes, I can write statistical models that predict when I will go into labor, but apparently I can’t install a car seat in a way that feels secure to me. Luckily, our local police department is happy to give it a quick look over (for free!). I’ll make an appointment next week.

It feels like forever since I’ve taken any photos or videos. Yes, we took a few photos on Mother’s day, but I was cold so it wasn’t very many. I also haven’t taken a classic bump style photo in quite a while. So happy a three day weekend is coming up!

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