May 6, 2012

New Game Plan

It’s time for a new game plan to get ready for zippy. Now that I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy, my energy and mobility are both greatly diminished. So the new game plan is to focus on the nursery first. We set a goal to have it finished before we get to 37 weeks/full term. I also want to have purchased all the new born essentials we need (including a car seat, we can’t leave the hospital without one!) by then as well. Everything else will move to the nice to have done list. The office is set up well enough for Domingo to work in there, but we will need to organize it a bit better. It would be great to have freezer meals done, but there’s always take out if we need it.

Yesterday we had the nursing chair delivered, which meant moving the old queen sized mattress out of the way to make room. Domingo did most of the heavy lifting, but I did help! I still like the chair, but I’m not loving it as much as last week. It’s not broken in, so to speak, so it’s a little stiffer than the one in the store. I’m sure it’ll soften up over time! I would put the odds at 3-to-1 that Domingo will find me asleep in it when he comes home from work tomorrow.

We followed that up with another trip to the store, where I used coupons to get an Avent Soothie Pacifier for only 79 cents. Next it was off to another store to pick up the new baby gate.

While out shopping also picked out a convertible car seat for Domingo’s car, though we won’t be buying it until the end of my maternity leave. We opted to go with a second car seat over the second base for the infant car seat. My car is a little bigger, newer, and more comfortable, so the plan is to use my car for family outings and for going to and from the hospital. I’ll also be in charge of day care drop-offs and pick-ups. We aren’t planning on using Domingo’s car at all, except that I could be 2 hours away, and could be cut off in the event of an earthquake. Domingo needs the ability to pick Zippy up in an emergency.

A second base for the infant car seat would be half the cost of this convertible car seat we picked out. If we went with the second base, we would still be left needing a second car seat when she out grows the infant seat, anyway. Sure, a convertible car seat is less convenient than an infant car seat, but since she’ll rarely be in Domingo’s car, that doesn’t matter. We’ll also bring the second car seat to check for air travel, which can be notoriously rough on car seats.

Saturday was super productive. As a result, I’m just dead on my feet today. I was only up for a couple hours, before declaring it nap time. The most productive thing I’ve done today is this blog post.

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