May 8, 2012

Newborn Care Tips

We had one of our last pregnancy classes today: Newborn Care. I had previously watched a lot of video’s on youtube and been reading my baby care books, but it’s nice to practice in front of an instructor whom you can ask questions as well. She also had some good tips she shared which I hadn’t heard before.

Good Advice We Learned:

Our health care provider (and others) feels rectal temperatures are more precise for infants. I’ve read that before, but I’m still very nervous about the idea of using a rectal thermometer on a squirmy baby. I don’t want to risk hurting her! The instructor suggested using a regular thermometer for under the arm. If it appears like baby has a fever (or is close to having a fever), you can follow up with a rectal temperature for a more accurate temperature reading. That way you’re only taking it when it’s necessary.

She also suggested always assuming you’re baby has mastered more milestones than you are aware of. Just because baby has yet to roll over, doesn’t mean today won’t be the day. After all, he or she will eventually reach the milestone, and there’s a first time for everything. You wouldn’t want to learn baby can roll over when he/she falls off the changing table!

Our Current Thinking:

We’ve been thinking of employing a zone-defense strategy when zippy comes. Since Domingo doesn’t have the necessary equipment to nurse, and zippy will need to eat every 2 to 3 hours initially, I’ll have to be the one to be up with her. I jokingly told Domingo if it’s my responsibility to feed Zippy, it’s his responsibility to feed me. I’m going to do my best to ensure Domingo gets some sleep when there’s no reason for us both to be up, and he’ll take over most of the chores and errands while I’m a feeding/napping zombie.

Of course, once zippy is here, our strategy may go completely out the window. I know it’s worked for some of my friends and not others. One thing the newborn care class stressed – it’s on the job learning. Every baby is different, so we need to be flexible and adapt to whatever Zippy throws at is.

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