June 1, 2012

Baby’s Month!

Dear Zippy,

Happy Birth Month, Baby! Well, that is if you decide to come on or before your due date. Your dad and I think about your pending arrival all the time. I keep going back to the labor prediction calculator I wrote. You only have a 24% chance of being a Gemini now, a 16% chance of being born before father’s day, and have slightly better odds of being a July baby than a June baby at this point since you haven’t arrived yet!

Mommy apologizes in advance for being a math dork. I’m afraid you’re destined for geekdome too. I promise it’s more fun than it seems. You’re dad is looking forward to teaching you how to use the computer, even though it will probably be a few years yet before you’re interested. He brought you home a stuffed unicorn toy from the last conference he went to. Of course, if you want to be a data scientist like Mommy, instead of a hacker like Daddy, I’ll be cool with that!

We went to the doctor yesterday. You are doing great! You’re heart beat is good and you are getting so strong. In fact, she said if you were to come today, you would be treated as “full term” even though you’d be on the slightly early side. She doesn’t think you’re coming in the next two weeks, though. (My labor predictor agrees, and gives you a 13% chance of coming before then.) You’ve been head down for a few weeks, and seemed to have dropped on Thursday, but you’re in no hurry to make your appearance!

The doctor also predicted you will be on the average to small side. She estimated you at 5 and 1/2 lbs (the average for your number of weeks gestation is just shy of 6 lbs). She said we should get plenty of use out of our newborn onesies. Of course anything is possible; you may grow a lot this month. You may even turn out to be a boy!

She also predicted based on your position that you will be a cuddle bug, and love to be swaddled. Mommy and Daddy fully plan on obliging!

Your dad and I previously decided our goal was to have your nursery ready by the time we reach full term. Given that we’ve been together for 36 weeks already, and we only ordered a crib yesterday, I doubt that will happen! The good news is your crib did shipped today (as did all the rattles and teeters Mommy ordered for you), and is due to arrive next Friday, so there’s still a chance we can meet our self imposed deadline. Do me a favor, and don’t come this week, okay?

With Love,
Mommy (Aka, the big squishy thing you like to tenderize from the inside)

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