June 8, 2012

Full Term!

We are officially in Baby Watch mode – Today I am FULL TERM! I think Zippy is excited too, because she has been active all day. I tried to get it on film, but instead got this photo of Lily.

Aww, Kitty wants to feel the baby move!
Actually, she just wants to sit on my bump and is about to climb up.

Zippy’s crib also arrived today. The box looked terrible. Really terrible. It was ripped in a few places to the point where the wood was actually exposed! I had a little pregnancy induced panic. Here we are three weeks from Zippy’s due date, and I’m trying to figure whether I should just return it or suck it up and deal with the possible damage. It’s an 82 lb item, and I’m 8 months pregnant! I couldn’t even get it over the lip of the entrance way and into the house. Neither Domingo nor I even have a car big enough to fit said box to take it to the UPS store, so we would have to arrange for a pickup. Luckily, the damage ended up not being as bad as I feared – only cosmetic, and mostly confined to the back of the crib. There are a few dents and scratches, but I can live with them being out of sight. I’m sure at some point Zippy will add her own wear and tear after a few years of use anyway, anyway! Tomorrow’s task? Assembly! This weekend’s task? Buying a mattress!

The other thing that arrived today was the Snap N’ Go stroller. The box was also pretty banged up, but not nearly as bad as the crib box, and the stroller was fine. It came in just a few pieces (stroller, front wheels, back wheels, travel tray) so I was able to put it together it myself.

I love it already! The Graco SnugRide just slid on the frame like it was always meant to be. I expected the Snap N’ Go would need to be adjusted, since it’s a universal stroller fame and not all infant car seats are the same size, but I had no problems with it. It folds easily, and has a smooth ride (at least in doors.) It’ll serve us well for the rest of 2012 and into 2013 I’m sure! I still look forward to getting a city mini some day, when Zippy is bigger of course.

I should point out that some online reviews said they didn’t feel the SnugRide fit onto the Snap N’ Go very securely, and recommend Graco’s own version.

Getting the crib assembled is the last major Baby To-Do. It’s not the last thing on our list, but it’s the last thing I’m stressing about. I will feel so much more at ease with it done and ready!

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