August 5, 2012

Nicki at One Month

Dear Nicki,

Yesterday we switched you over from newborn sizes huggies to size one huggies and this morning we retired some of your newborn onesies that had shrunk in the wash. I got a little misty eyed thinking how much you’ve grown. (I’m not ready for you to trade in your ‘newborn’ title for ‘one month old’!)

Sometimes it feels like you are so much older than you actually are. You’re sleeping through the night, which both of us greatly appreciate. You slept six and a half hours last night! You also started to make sounds with your vocal cords, not just your lungs, this past week. Don’t get us wrong, you’re pretty good at using your lungs when you want to!

You liked being swaddled at the hospital, but once we got you home you preference for stretching out became apparent. You like to extend your arms and legs as far as they can go. You started busting out of your swaddle by the end of your first week. Even the swaddle sleepers with velcro were not enough to contain you by two weeks.

All Swaddled up at 10 days

Though you’re a a little smaller than average in terms of height and weight, you’ve inherited both your parents’ big heads. (You’re in the 70th percentile on that one!) Despite this, you have an amazing amount of head control. Your dad thinks it’s from all the protein the doctor had me eat while pregnant with you. I think it’s from the way the pediatrician told us to hold you when we give you a bottle. Regardless, you seem to be holding your head up completely on your own while sitting in our arms. You’ll lift your head off our chest to look us in the eyes. (I love it when you boop your face into mine. I like to think you’re trying to give me a kiss the way I kiss you.) You can even throw your heads, and you’re entire body, forward when you see something you like – like the bottle.

Looking like a mini person all stretched out at 11 days old

Speaking of sight, did you know at your age you’re only supposed to see 3 feet in front of you? Your Dad and I are so curious why you’re always looking up at the vaulted ceiling fan. That has to be at least 15 feet away! Is it the shadow of something there that has you so captivated?

Your movements are getting stronger and you seem to have more control over them, although you still get frustrated when you’re hands get in the way. You rolled over from your back to your stomach during you’re three week photo session, and from your back to your side while napping in your crib!

I swear I did not put you down that way!

We’re so proud of how much you’ve grown and changed, but do mommy a favor and don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. If you thought Mommy was emotional when Grandma and Grandpa flew back to Pennsylvania, you should have seen me when I thought you had outgrown all your newborn outfits seemingly overnight!

Love always,
Mommy & Daddy

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