August 28, 2012

Weekend Milestones

We hit another couple of milestones this past week. As of today, Nicki is now officially in size 0-3 month clothes. Even though I knew it was coming, it was still a little tough for me, but I was looking forward to putting her in her new clothes and that helps. She can still fit in the newborn onesies, but getting them over that big bobblehead she inherited from Mommy and Daddy can be a bit of a challenge. I’m kind of surprised we didn’t hit this point earlier, to be honest, given that the scale says my little peanut is now 10 lbs! According to the size charts, she should have moved up 2 lbs ago. She may have a big head, but I doubt it accounts for all of that 2 lbs difference!

How did Nicki celebrate moving up a size? Sleeping almost nine hours straight! Mommy’s little champion sleeper!

We also started a night time routine this past week. Once asleep, she sleeps very well. Getting her to fall asleep, however, can be difficult. We thought a bed time routine might make falling asleep easier for her. Our routine consists of bath, PJs, nursing, and then being rocked to sleep. We start the process around 9pm, but given she’s under 2 months we keep it pretty flexible. Wide awake? Then we hold off. About to pass out in mommy’s arms? We’ll start early. Passed out in mommy’s arms? Then we skip it. It’s amazing how quickly she picked up the new routine. She seems to already know and anticipate what’s coming next which helps her settle down.

Dressing Nicki up in adorable PJs has got to be one of my favorite things right now. I think I may look forward to it even more than she does.

We also had our first couple of outings to places other than the doctors’ this weekend. We went first to Target on Friday, then to a craft store on Saturday. (Anyone surprised?). She was a little fussy, but overall did great. The diaper bag looks like it will suit us nicely. It’s not that big, which is nice since it fits in the basket of the Snap N’ Go. The changing pad is cheap and flimsy, but that wasn’t an issue since we have the Skip Hop Pronto.

Nothing says first time parents on their first outing with the baby like dual camera phones taking pictures of the baby as we walk down the isle of Joanns

As for a mommy milestone, I filled up memory card for my DSLR camera with photos of Nicki for the first time! That’s over 3000 photos of (mostly) Nicki! I put the card in my camera the day we were off to the hospital. Of course, I’ve always been one to take multiple photos of everything, and with a newborn that’s increased 3 fold. I take so many to ensure I have at least one where she’s not squirming and blurry, and dare I hope my newborn is even smiling. I won’t delete them off my camera’s memory card until they’re backed up. In triplicate. Even the blurry ones. They are memories after all!

The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I took enough pictures. That’s probably partially because so many of the photos are near duplicates, blury, or otherwise unusable. The fact that I’m a crazy mom-tographer plays a part in there too.

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