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September 12, 2012

Lessons from a Mom-tographer

A more apt title would probably be ‘Lessons from a crazy mom’, since this post has more to do with my neuroses, but ‘Mom-tographer’ sounds better.

1.) Put the baby in the cute clothes

I like to preserve everything. I have a chenille sweater I bought last year that I haven’t worn once out of fear I’ll destroy it in the wash. It’s a compulsion that I’ve always had. So it’s no surprise that when I stated dressing my daughter, I’d want to preserve my favorites of her onesies. Inevitably in the 5/6/7 pack I’d buy, there would be one I didn’t like. I’d dress Nicki in that one when I thought a poop was imminent, or right before a feeding. The result? Lots of photos of Nicki being cute – in her ugly onesies. I learned my lesson. Baby goes in the cute clothes. The ugly clothes can go as spares for the diaper bag or day care.

Nicki is so embarrassed

2.) The best camera is the one within arms reach

As soon as you want to take a photo you’ll realize that the camera is no where in reach. Baby will fall asleep on you, or making a funny expression. If you move to get your “good” camera, the opportunity for the photo will be over. A blurry, High-ISO yet still too dark photo trumps no photo at all.

Sleeping on Mommy

3.) You will never have the perfect photo

Invariably, something will be wrong. You’ll still be in your PJs at three in the afternoon unable to recall your last shower, or your baby will be in ugly clothes (see above), you only have your cell phone handy. Babies wiggle. Unless you have studio lightening (or you only take photos of sleeping babies), that means high ISO pictures or blurry toes.

Happy babies are wiggly babies!

Sometimes the stars align – baby is in an adorable outfit, sans spitup, holding a cute pose near an adequate light source. Snap away as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time thinking about how you want to frame the shot.

4.) You don’t need the perfect photo.

Really. Blurry toes and high ISO images will grow on you.

Too dark, light source from the wrong direction (highlighting the back of her head not her face), messy-hair, PJs and still perfect