September 3, 2012

Foiled Again

My attempt to pay the lowest, rock bottom prices, have been foiled again.

Yesterday afternoon I ordered a clock for Nicki’s Nursery. Domingo and I had discovered that we need to rock Nicki for at least twenty minutes after she falls asleep before she enters her deep sleep. Try and stop rocking before then, and the eyes spring open. Normally I have my phone with me and can time how long we rock, but every once in a while I forget it. So a few days ago I picked out a butterfly wall clock from Cafepress, and yesterday I ordered it with a 30% off labor day weekend coupon. This morning I wake up and find a 35% off coupon for today only. Have I mentioned how much that annoys me to miss out on a the best sale, even if it’s only 75 cents?!

But that wasn’t the only savings I missed out on.

I also noticed yesterday that Shutterfly was doing a 34% sale on canvas prints. Since I wanted one for Nicki’s nursery, I decided to go ahead and order it. Much to my delight, they were also running a free shipping on orders of at least $30. Since I couldn’t do both the free shipping and my $20 gift card, I decided to hold off on the gift card. (Shipping would have been $19.99, and I can use my gift card for Christmas cards.) I finalized my purchase this morning at around 1:41 am. Just 7 hours and 5 minutes later I get this offer in my inbox: $39 Canvas Print from CafePress, including shipping.

Now that one stung.

As an aside, $39 for a 16 x 20 canvas print is a great deal, and (given that you have until December to use it), would make an excellent Christmas gift for a spouse or parent. A quick Google search shows me they run this deal about once a month. Clearly I need to do more research before making a purchase next time.

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