September 1, 2012

Nicki at Two Months

Dear Nicki,

In a few days you will be two months old! As I’m sure will be a running theme with these posts, I can’t get over how much you’ve changed in just a short time period!

You’re smiling now! Really smiling, not just the smile reflex. I can’t get enough of that happy baby face! Your hair is getting lighter like Mommy’s, and your eyes darker like Daddy’s. As adorable as you are now, I think you are going to be gorgeous when you grow up!

Making my heart melt

You sing with Mommy! You don’t have very many sounds that you make, but you started making them in rhythms kind of like mommy singing. (Actually, you’re probably as on key as mommy too…) So far your favorite song seems to be Mary had a Little Lamb, but Mommy is trying to win you over with Soft Kitty

You’ve discovered your hands! Your fist has become a substitute for your binky when it falls out of your mouth. You rub your eyes when you’re sleepy. You try to hold your binky and bottle.

Holding your bottle and looking darn cute while doing it

When you ‘hold’ your bottle it’s using an open hand on either side of the bottle. For the Binky, however, you’ve managed to close your hand around the grip. Sometimes you hold the lip of the binky, or get a finger inside the finger hole. Last night when the binky fell out of your mouth you got excited and managed to pop it back in yourself. We are looking forward to the day you can do that more frequently! Daddy keeps joking about needing ‘baby glue’ to help it stay in your mouth.

Holding the Binky is Serious Business

I also want to personally thank you for putting up with Mommy and her camera. Most of your ‘newborn’ photos were taken this past month. I put you on the white backdrop at least a half a dozen times sans diaper, yet you’ve left it relatively unscathed. After two photo sessions you soiled your diaper in the first few seconds after getting it back on.

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

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