September 23, 2012

So Much for her Batting Average

Looks like we skipped the batting stage. Or at least we’re breezing right by it. Nicki’s hands have been open for awhile and she has been ‘holding’ her bottle and binky. So when Domingo and I encouraged her to reach for a toy it shouldn’t have surprised us that she’d go straight to grabbing.

And then, of course, the toy went straight in the mouth.

Toys, it’s what’s for dinner!

We realized it was time to break out the activity gym. This kid never ceases to amaze me.


Got it!

Nom, nom, nom

She really likes that red rocket. It’s low enough that she can get it, usually by the tail. Her second favorite is the monkey with the helmet, but she can’t really reach it or grasp on to it. We’re going to go to the store later and look for toys that will be easier for her little fingers to grasp. Domingo has been looking forward to this day since we brought her home from the hospital.

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