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November 2, 2012

A New Sleeping Arrangement

A long time ago I read a fellow mommy blogger’s post about how difficult it was to adjust her to move her 5 month old from sleeping in the pack n’ play to the crib. I swore that wouldn’t be me. The pack n’ play is more similar to a crib than the rock n’ play, and I knew it would be even more difficult if I waited too long. I was going to do it early.

The baby book said to begin the process at two months, but I wasn’t ready for the change. It felt too soon. At three months Nicki got sick and needed to sleep at an incline. For two and a half weeks! Here we are at four months and still in the rock n’ play. Oops.

This week we decided all naps were going to be in the crib. I knew that meant they wouldn’t be long, but I figured she’d tire herself out enough to sleep eventually. I thought she would get used to the crib and today would be “eventually” and we could transition her night time sleeping to the crib. Wrong.

We’ve had 7 attempts to nap today. She was still asleep after I put her down in the crib in 4.

Right after morning feeding (still in pjs). Asleep for 5 minutes.

Second attempt. Asleep for 19 minutes.

Third and forth attempts she woke up instantly after putting her down.

Fifth attempt, I get desperate and try a swaddle even though she’s hated them for a few months now. Success, she slept 23 minutes. Note the bed head from all the napping attempts.

Sixth attempt. I got the camera looked back and saw this.

She was getting frustrated so I decided to do a little tummy time hoping it would tire her out. It did. Too well.

I gave in. I needed a nap too. Now we have matching bed head.

It’s going to be a long weekend. Hopefully by Monday we will be successfully napping in the crib.