November 1, 2012

Nicki at Four Months

Dear Nicki,

You’re growing so increasingly fast! This past Sunday we switched over to 3-6 months clothes. That’s three months in a row where we had to change your clothing size! Even your day care teachers noticed you seemed so much bigger on Monday than when you went home on Friday. Mommy suspects you’ll be in 6-9 month sleepers soon. You have such long legs! We did manage to get some photos of you in your skeleton sleep and play for Halloween, if but just barely.

You’re making leaps and bounds developmentally. You started rolling onto your side again, something you haven’t done for three months. This time it’s clearly intentional. You’re very close to rolling over from your back to your tummy, but have no interest in the other way around. You just love to look at the world around you. You are also interacting more with your world, holding things with two hands, inspecting everything and not just by eating it.

Your personality is shinning through more and more. I’m predicting you’re going to be a social butterfly. You get so excited when you see other kids. You loved the trick-or-treaters and your face lit up when you heard a group of girls giggling at the doctors. You have a daycare boyfriend. Two, actually! You are all smiles when ever anyone looks at you, love chatting and squeal with delight when others are near. You’re such a sweetheart two. Lately when I rock you to sleep, you take out your pacifier and seem to be offering it to me by trying to put it in my mouth.

You recently discovered your thumb. I’ve noticed you with just it in your mouth rather than your whole fist. Your toes no longer offer you any challenge. You’ll grab one hand on each foot, or two hands on the same foot. Once you even crossed your hands to hold the opposite foot. Soon those toes will be in your mouth, I have no doubt about that!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

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