December 1, 2012

Nicki at Five Months

Dear Nicki,

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to you, but your parents are baby novices. This month really highlighted that fact.

In the middle of the month you started getting really fussy at the bottle. Mommy and daddy noticed you seemed hungry, but kept pulling away. I mentioned this to Grandma over skype and she asked if we had switched you over to the size 2 nipples yet. We had forgotten nipples came in different sizes. Woops! Apparently size 1’s were just for babies 0-3 months old, and size 2 are for 3-6 months. You were already halfway through the size 2 period!

We also noticed you seemed hungry all.the.time. We talked to the doctor and devised a plan to start introducing you to solid foods around Thanksgiving time. After the nipple incident, I started to wonder at what age parents shifted from the 4oz bottles to the 8oz bottles. Apparently this month. Again, Woops!

Lovin’ your bigger bottles

We also broke in your new high chair. You weren’t sure what to think about the rice cereal at first, but quickly got into it. A little too into it, actually. You keep grabbing the spoon. You’ll let me pull the spoon away from your mouth an inch before shoving it back in. Mommy needs to put more rice cereal on the spoon first, sweety!

More please

Our plan is to try sweet potatoes and squash over the next few weeks (when you’re closer to six months), then on to peas. Mommy can’t wait!!

Of course, another month meant another change in clothing sizes. That’s what, four straight months of wardrobe changes?! You are now in 6-9 month sleepers. Quite growing so darn fast! Mommy is now starting to question weather I bought your “baby’s first Christmas” clothes in the right size! That’s the second holiday Mommy incorrectly guessed your size. We only got Thanksgiving right because I bought your outfit the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving!

Thankful for baby snores

Thank you for your continued patience.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

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