December 27, 2012

Nicki’s First Christmas

Domingo and I are in trouble. This kid seems to have an innate sense that December 24th is not for sleeping. Not only did she take a while to fall asleep, but she woke up two hours early. So what’s a mom to do? Picture Time of course!

Smiling under the tree on Christmas Day

Nicki had a lot of fun. She loved being the star of the show and seeing so many new people. At one point she was sleeping on me (in the ergo) when my first cousin once removed arrived with my great aunt and uncle. When she woke up and noticed three new pairs of eyes on her, she was ear-to-ear grins. She eat up all the attention!

When she wasn’t meeting new family members, she was helping Mommy and Daddy (and Grandma) with their presents. Everyone cheered the first time she ripped the wrapping paper, so she started making little pulls and looking up for praise. So cute!

Helping Mommy with her present

She also made out like a bandit. My sister, Emily, found this great set of alphabet links by sassy. They’re multi colored and textured, just like the bright stars set, only Alphabet! Big hit. She also got some great clothes, which was great because someone decided to grow out of all her clothes two days after we arrived! I brought one 6-9 month outfit because I thought she might grow a little, I didn’t expect her pants to suddenly look like capris!

Yesterday we visited a hallmark store for those coveted post Christmas sales. You know my predictions on what ornaments would sell out? Yeah… Those ornaments I was waiting on? Gone. The ones I bought early? Still available. Postal Penguins was gone, so I correctly predicted that one. I was stunned at the number of Deerly-Loved Cookies, and Cookie Cutter Christmas available. Ah well, clearly I am never going to make my fortune in the secondary hallmark ornament market. I didn’t end up waiting for the after Christmas sale for Baby’s First Christmas ornament, after all. Hallmark had a facebook coupon for $5 off a month ago and I used it. Turned out to be a good thing too, it was also gone!

It was a great holiday. Lots of family, Lots of food (turns out we love squash!). All mommy could ask for is a little more sleeping.

More photos of my little Christmas elf.

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