December 11, 2012

Ode to the Rock N’ Play

It’s time. We made the decision today to move Nicki to the crib from the rock n’ play tonight. I had been holding off because she was sleeping through the night so well, and because she hasn’t been napping well in the crib. (And because I wasn’t ready.)

Nicki hasn’t been sleeping well lately. She’s now waking up two to three times a night. I think that part of that could be that she’s outgrown her rock n’ play. Her feet have been dangling out of the rock n’ play when she stretches out, and when she gets excited she kicks the frame.

The rock n’ play has been so incredibly useful these past five months. Being able to rock her without getting out of bed? Priceless. The incline let us zoom in on her face more easily with the baby monitor, which made for some adorable photos as well as gave me peace of mind while I was downstairs doing chores. Our birth announcement photo was even Nicki in the rock n’ play.

The Rock N’ Play was without a doubt one of our best baby purchases.

First night home (2 days old)

Birth Anoucement Photo (9 days old)

One month old

Nicki TV

Night Time Vision

Morning smiles. I loved waking up to this face!

Today, last time in the rock n’ play. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

Tonight’s going to be hard. Waking up (assuming we get any sleep) without her next to me will also be hard. I know the goal is to have them grow into happy, healthy, well adjusted adults, but why can’t they stay babies forever?

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