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February 1, 2013

Nicki at Seven Months

Dear Nicki,

I cannot believe you’re turning seven months old this month. Seven!!

Last month it amazed me how quickly you went from a wobbly little sitter to a pro. Now we’re seeing the same thing with standing. On a Wednesday mommy felt comfortable to let you hold on to the crib rail by yourself for the first time. You looked over the edge of the crib so timidly. By that Saturday you were balancing mostly by yourself, loving the fact that you could meet us eye to eye. You even try to stand up in the tub so you can have a better view of the kitty. I’m pretty sure we have a daredevil in the making. (You probably get that from your Aunt Emily).

Time to lower the crib, mommy!

When you were just two months old we used to float you on your back in the tub singing ‘the good ship Nicki-pop’. You loved it, but after the introduction of bath toys, however, you were too interested in playing to float. All of a sudden you want to float again. You throw your head back giggling and laughing. You can’t get enough of the good ship Nicki-pop!

The Good Ship Nicki-Pop sets sail

We’re thinking of getting a no-tangles shampoo for that insanely long baby hair of yours.

This past month was also the return to good sleeping. You are doing 10/11 hours in your crib easy. In fact, you were sleeping so well at night (and not at all for naps) that we felt comfortable moving you back to the rock n’ play for naptime. You’re doing a full 14-15 hours a day, which is right on track. It’s the first time that you’ve both napped well and slept well, even though we’re bucking the traditional wisdom that bedtime and naptime arrangements should be identical. (Clearly you haven’t been reading the same baby books as mommy.)

Mommy’s napping angel

You just recently started hugging. While sitting in my lap you’ll turn around with your arms out and bury yourself into me. It’s so adorable!

In news that I’m sure no adult reading this will believe, I’m really starting to think you’re saying ‘mama’ now. It started last month with you jabbering the ‘ma’ sound. There were one or two times when it sounded like you were calling out to me as I was leaving the room. But you’d say it as though you didn’t know how many ‘ma’s to put together to make a word. Now, I can count half a dozen times when you’ve screamed ‘mama’ with the right number of syllables when getting upset that I was leaving. You don’t say it at any other time, so you do seem to associate the word with me. I don’t know if you know I’m mama, or mama is a word to get to me stay.

We’re also pretty sure you recognize the word ‘Lily.’ When we say ‘Lily’ you always turn and look for your kitty. You are so enamored with her, but alas, your kitty does not return your affections.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy