March 6, 2013

A Mini Me

There was no doubt that Nicki was Domingo’s daughter when she was born. Right away she took after her dad. At two weeks, we could have been looking at his baby pictures.


By two months she started to look like a feminine version of her dad.

Like Domingo

Like Domingo

She’s been looking more and more like me, but it wasn’t until I was processing the latest set of Nicki photos that I discovered how much.



It’s a Mini Me!

Her complexion has become much fairer than it once was. Her eyes are actually turning green like mine, and her hair is close to my color. But that face? Those puffy checks? No doubt about it, she’s starting to look more like her mama!

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  1. So far Titus and I could swap baby photos and no one would know the difference. We’re hoping that more of Vickie will start showing up, but he’s only three weeks of age.

    • Give it time. I’m told most babies start out looking like their dads.


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