March 1, 2013

Nicki at Eight Months

Dear Nicki,

Eight months! Before you know it, mommy will be planning your first birthday party. (Okay, I confess, I’ve been planning it for a while. I just can’t help myself when it comes to celebrating you.)

This month you got your first two teeth. We had a little bit of a rough patch sleep wise when they were coming in which wasn’t helped by the fact that you were also getting over a cold. I’m happy to report both teeth are in and you’re once again sleeping through the nights. Eleven hours! Well, technically 11:01 with a standard deviation of 6 minutes – you’re very consistent!


Another recent complication with your night time sleeping is that you started rolling over from your back to your stomach three nights ago! Sure you’ve done it in the past, but not very often. You seem more comfortable sleeping on your stomach, but you were startled to wake up on your stomach the first couple of nights. Daddy and I didn’t know if we should risk waking you by helping you get back to your back again, but tonight I watched you roll all the way over with ease! Of course, the fact that you’re rolling over so frequently now means your days in the rock n’ play are numbered. Another month, another sleeping arrangement, eh?

At your last doctor’s appointment, you were just 1.5 lbs shy of Lily! My prediction: you’ll be as big as your kitty by 10 months.

I took 1306 photos of you this month – double that of last month! Mommy is making up for lost time. We took photos of you in the gym (which you still enjoy beating up!), the jumperoo, playing on the mat, playing in your high chair – I wanted to capture everything. Mommy is once again starting to run out of space on her hard drive!

Playing with the bowl, waiting for mommy to put the camera down and get dinner started

This month we started size 3 nipples this month, and you’re up to three meals a day. Day care was so impressed with how well you eat! When I picked you up after your first day with a pureed lunch they were stunned that you had eaten them all. I think they assumed it was your first time eating any purees. But of course mommy sent you in with bananas, you’re current favorite.

We tried peas and green beans again. You eat them both without protest, but it’s clear they weren’t you favorite. I know they don’t taste as good as the orange veggies, but hummer mommy, okay? We don’t need an Oompa Loompa Nicki! We also added some more protein to your diet. Yogurt is a huge hit! You’re even downing peach yogurt, though you rejected the peach purees a while ago.

This month we will get to start you on finger food! I am so excited!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

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