April 1, 2013

Nicki at Nine Months

Dear Nicki,

Nine months. Nine. You’re well on your way to one, and becoming a toddler.

Feets! I has one!!

We’re still debating whether you will crawl first or walk. Your pediatrician says walk. I’m inclined to agree. You do a sort of reverse army crawl on the bed where you throw your face down, kick up with your feet and drive yourself forward an inch. You then pop your head up, look around and continue if you haven’t reached your toy yet. It’s the cutest thing! Yesterday when mommy put you down on your hands and knees you started swaying a little (a precursor to crawling), but you’re more consistently taking steps when holding onto Mommy. You’re record so far is 3. We purchased two toys for you this weekend, one to encurage crawling and one to practice standing. I also have a price watch on a toy to encourage walking.

Airborn Baby!

We also started you on a sippie cup. That’s right, you drink from a sippie cup! (And you spill from a sippie up.) You love your juice. You get so excited when you see the sippie cup, and grab the sippie cup with both hands and attack the nozzle. Mommy and daddy have to tip it a little for you, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

Your pediatrician suggested we try some table food around 8 months, but it was clear you weren’t ready. Even just a few days ago you clearly weren’t ready. You didn’t yet have the “chew” instinct, and you got distressed by the solid texture. The past few days you’ve been showing more signs that you’re ready for table food by making that distinctive chewing motion. A couple of times you tricked mommy and daddy into thinking you had something in your mouth! Yesterday we decided to try table food again and you eat 3 puffs and 1 cheerio. When mommy tried to give you cheerios just a few days ago, you thought cheerios were toys for dropping on the floor. Not a single one touched your lips. How rapidly you have these developmental changes!

Fascinated with your Easter dress

We’ve noticed that your favorite color appears to be blue. You loved holding your blue Easter eggs. Every time we refilled your basket you’d take them out one by one until you had a blue one in each hand. Too cute!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

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