July 15, 2013

Random Observations in Parenting

Cheerios trumps separation anxiety. The other day I dropped Nicki off to day care earlier than usual, right at the start of morning snack time. Her teacher asked if she would like to join them. Nicki was so excited, she was grinning from ear to ear and banging on the tray as her teacher strapped her into the high chair. She barely noticed me waving goodbye. Yeah, whatever. Bye mom. THERE ARE CHEERIOS HERE! The next day I set her down on the playmat when we arrived. She took off crawling towards the highchairs immediately. She gets cheerios every morning at home, but apparently day care ones are better.

Putting our feet up while lounging in the high chair.

My Daughter is Part Squirrel. We’ve haven’t used binkies as a sleep aid for quite a while, but Domingo and I still keep secret Binky caches hidden throughout the house in case of baby meltdowns. Trouble is, Nicki has an eagle eye for her Binky. She has spotted one on the top shelf of the office bookcase, half hidden under a piece of paper. When she sees it, she wants it, and we usually cave and give it to her.

A few weeks ago, she was playing with one of the fabric drawers in her toy organizer. She loves to organize her toys, taking them all out, putting them all back. It suddenly dawned on us that the Binky she was sucking on was a different color than it was a few minutes ago. We took a peek in the fabric drawer and found not one, not two, but three binkies! She had her own secret binky cache and was saving them for later! I’m choosing to believe this is some sort of advanced Marshmallow delayed gratification test, and not that my daughter is part squirrel.

Putting Chan Pie Gnon back in the drawer.

The best laid plans… I’ve been sick lately so Domingo offered to take Nicki after our morning nursing session so I could get another hour of rest. He also very kindly made sure to shut both our door and the nursery door so the sound of Nicki playing wouldn’t wake me up. Alas, shutting the door is somewhat ineffective when the baby monitor is left on.

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