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September 30, 2013

A Girl and her Pearls

A while ago I went looking for baby photography ideas back in may, and stumbled upon this gorgeous photo of a baby and pearls. (I actually found both photo inspirations on the same webpage, but wanted to link to the actual photographers.) I adore the color pallet, and that the baby is interacting with the pearls rather than just wearing them. I’m not normally into ‘girly’ photos, but I started to imagine Nicki with pearls. I was inspired.

I set off to Micheal’s to get some pearls that weekend. I decided to strand the pearls myself so I could have control over the length, size & color of the necklaces. To be extra safe I used fireline, and each necklace is double stranded. This was definitely one photo where I wanted to have my safety spotter!

Next I was on the hunt for a cute diaper cover. That’s where the idea stalled. Remember the diaper cover I used for Nicki’s Smash cake? I had originally intended to use it for this photo, but the coral color was a bit too bright. I was out shopping for fall clothes this week and saw a delicate pretty lace skirt, which I knew would go great with the pearls. For a backdrop I used a teal (official color description is “peacock”) bed sheets to help the pearls pop against the background.


How gorgeous are those eyes?! I know I’m biased, but she is such a beautiful little girl.



I am amused that Nicki wasn’t really that into playing with her beads. She loved them, was smiling, clapping and “dancing” while wearing them, but she didn’t put them in her mouth and investigate them. That’s not what I would have predicted! These ended up nothing like my inspiration source, but very true to Nicki, and I love them. My little girly-girl loved her pearls.

Material Costs
Lace Skirt (JCPenney) – $6.99
Pearls (Micheal’s) – $5? (I think 20 strands at $.25, it’s been a while I can’t remember exactly)
Fire Wire String (Micheal’s) – $8?
Backdrop – Free

Total Cost: ~$20