December 24, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

The Tree, before the arrival of Santa and Grandparents

This is a very special year for us. Domingo and I are hosting Christmas, for the first time, and having both sets of Grandparents. It’s the first Christmas in our new place, and the first time my parents will see our new place (and wouldn’t you know there’s still some boxes left to unpack). In a lot of ways, it feels like our first Christmas with Nicki. That’s not true, of course.

Nicki has grown so much in the last year, as babies and toddlers are wont to do. Her level of understanding these days is amazing. She adores the tree, and presents (although right now it’s more the sparkly paper that holds her interests). Add four grandparents and a Christmas cookie or two into the mix and you have a recipe for one very happy little girl!

Since she didn’t really understand last year and we were traveling, we gave her her Christmas gift early (the jumperoo!). This year Santa is giving her a gift (the play kitchen), and Mommy and daddy are giving her a gift (the Hallmark Wacky Doodle Dandy Duck, a toy duck that sings and dances the chicken dance) to unwrap under the tree. She is also getting a stocking from Santa. I am particularly excited about the duck. Daycare has another one, which Nicki adored. She insisted on having it every morning and would bop up and down doing the toddler dance as it sang. Then it broke and stopped singing and dancing. She still hugs it and asks to hold it every day when I drop her off, but it’s not the same level of excitement. I am so excited to give her one that sings and dances.

The Christmas season flew by so fast. There are so many things I didn’t get a chance to do, like make cinnamon rolls. Time is moving just to quickly these days.

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