February 24, 2014

Happy 3rd Blogiversary, Blog!

Happy Three Years, blog!

Three years feels like a blink of an eye, but then I look back on my life (and my writing!) and I realize how much has changed. My blog is still a hodgepodge of topics that interest me, and I think it always will be. I’m happy to see it’s still of interest to a few of you out there, even without a central focus.

Monthly Visits to my Blog over from Mar 1 2014 – Jan 31st 2014

My blog has had a pretty linear growth with two exceptions.

The big bump at time A is for the Stolen Baby Photos post. That day got three times more traffic than usual. Seeing that spike makes me cringe a little. I wrote the blog post hastily. The forum post that referenced my newborn photography page had just been deleted and I was hoping one of those forum goers might still be visiting my blog, might see the new post, and might possibly be able to fill me in. At the same time, my parents read my blog and I didn’t want to be too alarmist.

The bump in traffic came when I shared the post on my personal facebook page, and was reshared by a friend and college who was concerned how often this kind of thing happens without anyone noticing. While I appreciated the reshare, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty that the post was undeserving since there wasn’t actually any useful information for others in that post. I followed it up with the Duplicate Image Search, which I’m happy to report has seen some adoption.

I assume the dip at B is because of the slightly different direction I decided to take my blog by keeping more of Nicki’s life private. Although the dip in traffic was not unexpected, I was sad to see it bare out, especially since the decision was based more on instinct than on science. To my surprise my numbers look to be recovering rather quickly.

My favorite topic to write on these days is photography. I had so much fun playing with my makeshift spotlight a few days ago. The topic I really want to get back to, the Doing the Math posts. The Uniqueness of Babynames post continues to be my favorite of all time.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you SO MUCH for creating the Writing Sample Readability Analyzer! I Googled for a quick tool to compare before and after versions of a letter I send out as part of my day job, and your webapp came up as the top link. After I compared the existing text and my rewritten version, I saw how much more readable my version was. I’ll use the comparison to make a case for rewriting not only our campaign letters, but our help text, etc. As a thank-you for making this tool freely available, I volunteer to answer photography-related questions you may have, e.g. direct you to relevant online resources that will accelerate your learning, so feel free to ask away!



    • Thanks! It’s always nice to know when a project you wrote is of use to someone đŸ™‚


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