March 27, 2014

4th Anniversary

Mommy’s Little Shutterbug taking a stab at the family portraits

I know I’ve said it before, but I am a lucky girl!

Ever since we moved Domingo has been handling our town home. Almost every day he stops by the home during his lunch break to clean, organize, and bring any left over stuff to our apartment in preparation to sell. I really shouldn’t have been surprised that he was also researching real estate agents in the area. He found not just the company but the specific agent that sold two other units for above asking in our community. He asked if I would mind if we just going with that agent. Of course I wouldn’t mind! I couldn’t be more grateful that he’s been taking the reigns on this one!

Nicki is also growing so fast these days it’s amazing. She adjusted so quickly to our new city and her new home – quicker than either Mommy or Daddy even! I’m constantly stunned at all the new things she seems to understand daily. I have no idea how she knew this but when I got out the tripod so we could take this year’s family photo she started chanting “picture! picture! CHHHEEEEESSEEEEE!”

The “cheese” must have come from daycare, I never ask her to say it. Anyway, if you want a great toddler smile, let her push the button on camera remote. It was apparently grand fun.

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