April 30, 2014

Odds and Ends

The morning sickness has been easing up some. Alas I seem to be trading it in for pregnancy migraines. At least they’re not as bad as last time. Between the migraines, fatigue, and morning sickness, however, I really haven’t been up to blogging as often as I’d like. Confession time: I typically go to bed shortly after Nicole these days.

So here’s what’s been going on with us:

* Our house is officially on the market! It was listed Monday. Yup, that’s a full six months after we moved. Our first open house is this weekend.

Domingo had been using his lunch boxes to move the last of our belongings out of the house. Yup, that means we have a ton of boxes around again. As you can probably guess, my desire to spend any energy unpacking is extremely low. Part of me wants to just hold off until that nesting instinct kicks in again. Someone should seriously bottle that stuff.

* I haven’t picked up my camera in a month. Technically, that month ran from middle of March to middle of April. I did take a couple of photos of Nicole at Easter time, but only after seeing my mother in law with her camera and feeling guilty about slacking. I was doing so well with F/stop, Iso settings before my impromptu break – but alas, old habits die hard. I really do need to keep up with the practice if I want to improve.

I can’t blame the lack of picking up my camera entirely on the pregnancy. I have been feeling a little under inspired lately, which is why I was experimenting with lighting tricks a little while ago. I haven’t even really been taking many instagram photos lately. My last instagram was April 3rd.

* Grad school is officially complete, I’m officially a doctor. I wrapped up the work part a while ago, but recently received my diploma and the hard bound copy of my thesis. Even with the physical proof that I graduated, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. The other day I was talking to Domingo and said something to the effect of “if I was a doctor” to which he replied “you are”.

* Nicole seems to love the fact that she’s going to be a big sister. She loves her big sister and new baby books, and requests them every night. I think daycare has been playing up the new baby. I am in love with the idea of sharing our news on social media by posting a video of Nicole saying “Big Sister!” Every time I read “I’m a big sister” I emphasize the “big sister” part. She will repeat it back to me, but it sounds like “big zeze!” While darn cute, I don’t think many people will understand.

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