April 17, 2014

Rethinking Baby Gear

I think I’ve talked myself out of buying a second crib.

We’re planning on moving next spring/summer. Our lease is up around the fall, just before Ziggy is due. I really don’t want to add moving stress to the mix, so we’re planning on waiting until Spring to start house hunting again.

Another move means disassembling the new crib, and I’m a bit gun shy about it. Besides, Nicki is already in a toddler bed. It wouldn’t be a big deal to switch her to another toddler bed, or maybe even a twin bed with a safety rail, and convert her bed back to a crib for Ziggy. This time I made sure to save all the parts! I do question the safety of a 3 time reassembled crib (or at least of our crib) for an active older baby, for a mostly immobile newborn I’m sure it will be fine.

Our thinking is that we’d ditch the crib when we move, rather than reassemble it an additional time. If we move in spring/summer, Ziggy will be between 6 and 9 months old. That’s possibly crawling and standing up. With a more active Ziggy I will feel more comfortable with a new, once assembled with all it’s original hardware, crib. We’d probably get a very simple/cheap crib for the new house, since I’m not sure how much use we’ll get out of it. Who knows, Ziggy may be an early climb escape artist like big sister Nicki!

Another item I’m scratching off my list is the breast pump. It turns out my health insurance covers the cost of a breast pump (a new perk this year thanks to the health care law.) A double electric breast pumps even! It’s not the same brand as I was thinking of getting, but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Besides, as much as I liked the old one it’s always possible this other brand will work out even better for me. It’s not like I test drove a bunch of different pumps last time…

I’m adding to my previous list two new items we didn’t get last time: a boppy and a bouncy seat.

With Nicki I was on the fence between the boppy and the breast friend pillow. There were a number of reviews that said only one of the two pillows worked for the reviewer, and I wasn’t sure which one would work for me. Time got away from me while I was debating and the next time I knew Nicki was a few months old and too big to breastfeed on a pillow. I didn’t want to purchase something I wasn’t going to fully utilize, even though the boppy kept being useful at daycare, first as a tummy time device, then for sitting support. I figure even if it doesn’t work for breastfeeding, we’ll get use out if.

Last time we didn’t use any kind of bouncy seat or swing for Nicki. She was held _a lot_. Obviously Ziggy will have to share parental attention. Having a safe place to put Ziggy down with an active toddler around is a must.

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  1. I have the brest friend and am not a fan. Glad I got mine used (they’re a dime a dozen at consignment sales.) In fact, I ended up buying what I REALLY wanted (but kept talking myself out of due to the price) after my daughter was born and I wasn’t happy with the brest friend. It’s called the Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001TFNPWA/ She was mostly out of the newborn stage by then, but it was still so useful! Pretty covers too, especially for photos 😉 Even better is that we haven’t stopped using it as a pillow after the breastfeeding stage. In fact, I use it as a pregnancy pillow now (was having pretty bad neck pain due to hormones, and this was the only pillow I found comfortable.) Probably my most expensive “non-essential” baby purchase but love it still and can’t wait to use it for #2. Bonus that it’s organic.

    Also, I tell everyone that my #1 most used baby item was the babybjorn babysitter balance. Also expensive, but I got mine on Craigslist for $50. My daughter lived in that thing from 2 weeks all the way up to a year, long after the swing and bouncer lost their usefulness. I would pay full price in a heartbeat knowing what I know now. We called it her kicky chair because she never stopped kicking in it! She sat in that everyday while I took a shower (we have a glass door so I could watch her.) Definite lifesaver. It’s compact too!

    Sorry for the lengthy response. I am a researcher by nature as well — went to grad school in cheme — but now instead of chemicals, I research all things home and baby related 😉 It’s neverending, I tell ya! Currently researching garbage disposals…:)

    • The babybjorn babysitter balance is the bouncy seat I was considering! It gets fabulous reviews, but I was holding back because of the price tag. (From my research it used to sell for $100, but now that it’s popular it goes for around $160! Alas, these days it seems like $130 is a good deal.) I figured it would only be useful for a few months. It’s great to hear you got so much use out of it! I think you convinced me.

      I checked out the nesting pillow’s product website. It looks like it can double for tummy time. I love it when I can get multiple uses out of the same purchase! It looks a little it’s crescent shape instead of half moon. Would it also work for learning to sit? Or is it too soft for that?

      I used the boppy pregnancy pillow last time. I did break it out a few weeks ago, but couldn’t sleep with it. I guess while I think my bump is colossal, it actually isn’t yet! One thing that has worked really well for me in general is a memory foam bed topper. We have a 2 inch one from Serta and it makes a world of difference.

      Don’t worry about long responses. I find them useful! 🙂


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