April 12, 2014

Thinking about Baby Gear for Round 2

Our Amazon gift cards have arrived, and I’m distracting myself from my morning all-day sickness by thinking about baby gear, and bargain hunting.

I used my previous post as a starting point, and set up some price watches. Right now we’re leaning towards the Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure gym. I decided I wanted a change it up a bit with the gym theme. While I liked the water concept, and was very happy with our Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym
, the pond version just wasn’t as neat.

Of course setting up price watches didn’t take long, and I soon found myself thinking about other types of gear specifically for baby number two.

Additional Monitor

Hands down the best baby gear purchase I made was for a video baby monitor. It’s been useful at all stages, from newborn days to now in the toddler bed. We can hear Nicki just fine without any monitor – in fact, the audio has been off for over a year now! – but the ability to see what is going on is a sanity savor.

We have the Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor which has an option for an additional camera.

Amazon’s lowest price for the additional camera ($79.99) does not beat Buy Buy Baby’s price with 20% off coupon ($79.20). Depending on what Amazon’s price is in November, I might be able to get a better deal with the registry completion code. The 15% completion discount would make the price tag on amazon $81.16. If the price in November is better than average, I win by waiting, otherwise I don’t. Roughly even odds, I’d say.

The other thing we’ll need is a new battery. The current re-chargeable battery doesn’t hold a charge for too long any more. Either that or a second power cord.

Second Crib

I’m kind of at a loss with this one. I like symmetry and the notion of having the same crib for each child is aesthetically pleasing to me but I’ve been really frustrated with Nicki’s crib, with the non-standard parts and all.

On the one hand I think I’m being overly critical. From what I’ve read and been told by folks at the hardware store, that’s pretty common across all furniture makers. So I’m not sure I will have a better experience with a different manufacturer. Besides, I’m partially to blame. I should have been more diligent about saving all the pieces. I just never thought I’d switch it to a toddler bed. I figured we’d get her a new toddler bed when it was time for the crib to have a new occupant.

Then again the price is up nearly 30% on the same crib! Looks like the price is all over the map! I’ll probably end up with the same selection process this time around as last time: add four acceptable cribs to the registry and see which has the best price when I receive my registry completion code.

Double Stroller

I think I’m going to pass on this one. If I was a stay at home mom, a double stroller seems like a necessity. In our current arrangement, I don’t really see myself taking the kids out on outings by myself. Two single strollers seems like a adequate solution when you have two sets of hands to push and are just out for an evening walk.

On the other hand, a double stroller seems much more convenient than two single strollers in crowded situations. My childhood zoo did not allow strollers inside the buildings, only outside when walking around. If we ever make a trip out to disneyland, we won’t be able to take the stroller(s) in the attractions. Having one stroller seems much more convenient when you have to check it. But these places also rent double strollers for very reasonable prices. The zoo rents them for just $10 a day! Going to the zoo will give us a nice try-before-you-buy feel for the value of double strollers.

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  1. Thanks to you for the heads-up, we’re also getting a nice Amazon bonus on our tax return (takes some of the sting out of letting the government hold onto our money interest-free for a year). We, too, are planning out our second baby purchases…I think we’ll wait to buy a crib, because by then our oldest may graduate to a toddler bed and the new one can get her crib. The new one will probably live in the Rock n Play like her big sister for the first four months anyway, so we have plenty of time. We bought our carseat on Amazon last time, so we’ll probably do the same this time (our brand never goes on sale anywhere, EVER, and is excluded from all other coupons/discounts, so using the Amazon registry discount is the absolute best we can do). Since I do stay at home, I’m pretty torn on the stroller. We have a BOB that we absolutely love, but I can’t see buying a double BOB…we’ll see. Our baby monitor is pretty crappy (it was crappy out of the box, really, but since it was a gift we were too lazy/didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling to go through the hassle of returning it), so I really don’t know what to do about a baby monitor this go-round. If we had gotten a Motorola like I originally wanted, then we’d probably just get an additional monitor too. Other than that, I think most of our Amazon purchases will be diapers 🙂 Good luck with the all-day sickness! I had it much worse with this pregnancy, but luckily it went away right around 13 weeks. Second trimester is so lovely in comparison 🙂

    • We loved our rock n play too! Fisher price had a alert on our model for possible mold growth. Ours never showed any sign of mold, but I definitely want to be sure it gets a good a thorough cleaning before Ziggy gets here.

      I forgot about the car seat! Last time we got by with one infant car seat, since I was home and doing all the day care pick up/drop offs. Now that I’m working, that’s not looking as feasible.

      I love our city mini, but truth be told we don’t really use it much. When we go to the park it’s just easier to let her walk or carry her to the playground. I think that’s one of the biggest reason why I’m leaning against a double stroller. I’d really like to get some use out of our single stroller first! Besides, Ziggy will be in the car seat + frame type stroller for a while anyway. (FYI – I believe I’ve seen double strollers available at Amazon’s mom appreciation events discounted 20% discount.)

      Morning sickness is much worse this time for me as well. I blame the lack of quality sleep.

  2. Sarah, since you’re a camelcamelcamel user, you should try out pricezombie. I think you’ll be pleased as it does comparison shopping for you, letting you see the prices between multiple stores with price history. I’ve since abandoned camel because there is no comparison shopping component and I need to do additional research to see what other stores sell an item for.


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