Archive for May 18th, 2014

After another 3 weeks photography hiatus, I was finally feeling good enough to both go out this weekend, and take my camera. I was feeling frustrated with myself for slacking these past few months, both from a personal development standpoint (how do I expect to grow if I don’t practice?) and from a family obligations one (Great Grandma looks forward to weekly photos.)

After my last hiatus I was really disappointing with my photography when I did finally pick up the camera Easter weekend. I feel back into my old crutches, and kept setting my F-Stop way to large. We were at the park and I ended up setting my aperture to it’s largest setting thinking that meant I would get a shallow depth of field. It wasn’t until we were packing it up that I realized my mistake. I’ll blame my pregnancy brain on that one.

From Easter. It’s not a “good” photo technically speaking. The aperture is too wide, which is really noticeable by how blurry the arms are even in this thumbnail sized version. What makes this photo worth sharing is the adorable subject enjoying her first Chocolate bunny.

I was really pleased when this weekend not only did I get the F-Stop right (yay!) but I actually went off aperture priority mode into full auto and was happy with the results.

Love this pose! Super toddler is just missing her cape.

Now I’m feeling more confident and more eager to pick up my camera. Hopefully this will help get me out of my photography funk! Great Grandma will appreciate that.