May 9, 2014

In Utero Personalities

In one of our pregnancy classes two years ago our teacher mentioned you can get a sense of baby’s personality based on how they are in the womb. This certainty held true for Nicki (aka Zippy.)

Zippy earned her nickname when she was always zipping around and moving during every ultrasound. From the moment she grew limbs they were in non stop motion. It only took an average 14 minutes, 21 seconds to do kick counts – And that was counting her kata karate moves as a single kick, because it was too hard to distinguish all the different movements! She even once kicked the sonogram wand off my tummy when the midwife was trying to listen to her heart beat.

Nicki’s personality as a newborn was very similar. She outgrew the swaddle in just days, preferring to have her arms and legs free. When she was mad, she’d fire those limbs in every direction. She is our July firecracker.

We had Ziggy’s NT scan on Thursday, and while it’s super early I’m already seeing the differences in personality.

Hello again Ziggy!

Ziggy was extremely content to remain tucked away for the majority of the examine. He/she would doing somersaults and flips, but few if any kicks. The legs remained cross for most of the exam. I was hoping for a chance to do a gender prediction, but Ziggy was too modest, keeping his/her legs crossed. Ziggy also kept his/her head tucked down, chin on his or her chest making the nuchal translucency measurement difficult to acquire.

I predict that Ziggy will be a cuddle bug, who loves the swaddle.

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  1. Oh, I was hoping to find out what you were having! Teaser post 😉 I agree about the in utero personality…our first born was also in constant motion in utero. She also gave indication of her reflux, with constant hiccupping..which at the time I just thought was cute. Our #2 was a ham for the 18 week ultrasound, and very clearly made it known he was a boy! He likes to flip around, the other day I was feeling sick to my stomach all day and then I clearly felt him do a full body flip, and I instantly felt better. I never got nausea from the baby moving the first time around! What are you doing for your migraines? I have those too, and I never did the first time, either…I think I finally linked it to dairy?? I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and using peppermint oil, as well, but I think getting rid of cheese may have finally done it. We’ll see.

    • Believe me, I wanted a gender prediction too! I spent the last few days looking at ultrasounds, so even if the technician was unwilling to guess I was hoping I could. Alas, Ziggy was non cooperative. Oh well. Just 8 more weeks or so to the Anatomy scan. Hopefully Ziggy will cooperate then!

      Some common triggers for my migraines are going to long between meals (a wonderful trait when combined with morning sickness…), strong smells, and lack of sleep. If I can tell a migraine is coming on, I usually try and eat something. Food with high levels of protein generally work the best, the migraine will usually not be as sever, or I may not get one. Sugars and fats usually make me feel much better, but they just delay the migraine for a little while.

      Once a migraine hits I turn off all the lights and use cold compresses. I tried a freezable eye mask with peppermint, but the smell made me feel worse, so now I use a hand towel soaked in cold water. If I can, I try and nap. Advil has always worked for me, but alas, it’s not safe for pregnancy. When all else fails, and I can’t ride out the migraine, I need to take prescription medicine.


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