July 23, 2014

Out of Stock leads to Sticker Shock

My planning for Ziggy is so far as been for naught. Nearly everything on my list is no longer easily available. Most of the items have newer versions, so to buy the previous version you have to pay the rare-item premium. That sucks because I don’t like those newer versions!

The bjorn baby sitter bouncer. I really wanted the brown/beige one that would match our living room. It looks like it’s no longer a color being produced, however. At least it’s not shown on the website. They have similar ones, but are either too dark, or too light. I’ve been searching for one for months and it looks like if I really want that particular color I’ll have to spend between $50 to $100 more, or buy from a non-name company without much of an online reputation. Neither I’m particularly willing to do.

I decided to do the snugabunny bouncer second-hand from someone at work. It won’t hold her as long as babysitter balance will, but I suspect that is probably okay. Nicki was an early sitter. While Ziggy is not Nicki, (and is already proving to have a different personality), she is made from the same two sets of DNA, so I think there’s a chance she’ll also be an early sitter. I also think it’s unlikely she’ll be a super late sitter. By buying the bouncer second hand it really wasn’t that expensive, and I can always course correct if we need something capable of holding a bigger baby.

Since the bouncer is nice and round, I think I can drape blankets over it and make it a nice nest like area for newborn photos. Double win. I paid a cheap enough price for it that if all I get out of it is cute pictures, I’ll still be happy.

Motorola Spare Camera. Motorola has come out with a new line of camera baby monitors (Motorola blink1) that do not have the handheld unit. Instead they broadcast to your smart phone. Sounds like an awesome deal except the reviews are lousily. I’m used to most baby products having an average 4 star review or higher. That’s because a lot of them are rated and reviewed when mom to be gets them at her shower, rather than when the baby arrives. Usually the review goes like “This is adorable, I’m so excited to use it!” (Not really that helpful, but I do appreciate knowing when things are super soft, or not.)

The blink cameras reviewers have an average 3 star review, much lower than it’s predecessor, with reviewers citing software and connectivity issues. Our wireless is spotty, which will likely compound the issue. Additionally, since there’s no hand held unit, the camera costs a bit more. Instead of $100 for an extra camera, I’d pay $170 for a single camera that our hand held unit wouldn’t work with it. Or I could pay $340 in order to have both kid’s viewable from the same app. No thank you. I’d rather buy a new lens with that kind of money. Or a new knife set.

I actually called Motorola’s customer support. They are still making the cameras, even though they’re out of stock everywhere, and no longer show the spare camera on their website. I ordered one from amazon so that I could reserve a spot on the wait list, and am keeping an eye out elsewhere to see if I can’t snag a better deal.

It would suck not to be able to use a 20% Buy Buy Baby coupon on this one – I figured I would only be paying $80ish for this one – but I refuse, refuse to spend more than $100.

Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

This one probably makes me saddest of all. I was really getting into the ocean gym theme for Ziggy much the way I loved the space theme for Nicki. I loved the orca toy with high contrast for developing baby eyes, and the octopus with dangly legs to grab.

The Neptune Ocean Adventure gym has been replaced with the Nautical Friends Gym. The Orca is now a blue whale, complete with lower contrast, and the octopus has been replace with a little turtle. Rather than spending $40 for a new Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym I can expect to spend $80 for a used gym, or $100-250$ on a brand new one.

I’m hoping a new gym will strike my fancy after a trip to the baby store. At least if I find one in store it’s likely not to be discontinued yet.

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