August 18, 2014

Battery Storage Box

battery storage box
Battery Storage Box

I’ve been in love with this idea since I saw it on pinterest: A box with removable compartment dividers to store all your batteries. I had previously looked into buying battery boxes off of amazon or the container store, but they were all fixed sizes boxes. If I was running low on C batteries, that space would be wasted. We also had some non standard batteries for toys & camera equipment that I wanted to accommodate.

Every website I saw that described this particular image referred to the box as a “tackle box”. The box they used may have been a tackle box, but I spent enough time in JoAnn’s and Micheal’s to know a standard craft box would suffice. For the kinds of batteries we have, we needed something roughly 2.5 inches tall (About the size of a standing D battery 2.5 inches). I settled on the Creative Options brand, “deep utility box“. Regularly $8.99 on sale for $5.39 at Micheal’s. Online prices for the box are rather ridiculous. I recommend visiting your local craft stores and seeing what they have. If you don’t have a local craft store, you might have luck at a office supply store, Target or Walmart. Just make sure what ever box you do get is tall enough for your batteries, or at least has wide enough compartments for them to lie flat.

battery storage box

This particular box has three rows, the first row (closest to the latches) cannot be compartmentalized. I’m using that space to house the extra dividers and odd shaped batteries.

I had thought we had a ton of AA batteries. A while back when we had a Costco membership (6? 7? years ago) we bought one of those mega packs. Turns out we’re down to our last seven! I thought we also had AAA batteries. It wasn’t until I was putting together the box that I had a vague recollection of maybe using the last ones on a toy. Now I know what I need to stock up on so hopefully we won’t be caught off guard again!

battery storage box
Nicole investigating the box

Another big win? It’s defacto child proof. Or at least more baby proofed than the previous method of leaving batteries in the packaging. When I was taking the photos of the box she came up to investigate. She couldn’t open the box she grew bored with it and ignored it.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I have looked at Michael’s, Target, Ace Hardware Stores, locally owned hardware stores, Meijer, Joann’s, and of course Dollar Stores where it was suggested we might find this…..knowing the stock changes continually. Decided I would contact DIY to get the specific as it looks the perfect solution, then saw your website!
    Was wondering what the dimensions of the box in the photo is, knowing it has to be 2.5″ high. Everything i was finding, and sounds like you were too, was 1-3/4″ or less – very frustrating. Will look at Creative Options. Thanks again )))

  2. Hi, I got so excited I forgot to clarify my question to you…..what are the dimensions of the box you found (pictured) that is 2.5″ high?
    Thanks, Mickie

    • Hi Mickie,

      The utility box is 10.875″L x 7.375″W x 2.75″H. You can get the exact one on amazon here if you want. They also have a few that are a touch bigger. I like my box, but I would buy a slightly bigger one if I had it to do over. I buy my batteries in bulk and they just barely fits everything when I stock up.


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