August 16, 2014

The Cost of Organization

We’re getting closer and closer to finish our organizational quest. It’s a very good thing since we’re getting closer and closer to running out of closet space! Now that we’re almost done and I don’t think I’ll be buying much more, I like to do what I always do – crunch the numbers!

Storage Tins: $90.24, roughly $8.20 per tin
Pasta containers: $76.95
Toy Chest: $62.99
Other (Diploma frame, “wedding proof” album, etc): $53.97
Total = $284.15


The tins were mostly a necessity. I did get some specialty tins (like an anti-tarnish craft box for my hand made jewelry), though surprisingly the specialty tins tended to be the cheaper ones. I guess the price is more a function of volume of plastic more than anything else!

The pasta containers were a bit of a splurge. We go through a lot of pasta with a toddler in the house. It’s also easy for me to forget what I have, and we sometimes end up with multiple open boxes of the same pasta shape. I wanted to combine the half used boxes into something air tight so I could more easily see what pasta I do have, and what I needed to pick up at the store. Also they’re pretty. I ended up going Oxo pop top brand. Only I purchased them in the store rather than online and paid a bit more. Dang it!

We ended up getting the Little Tikes toy chest. We had previously been using a bookshelf to keep Nicki’s toys organized, but Nicki’s become quite the climber and managed to topple the book shelf once. She wasn’t hurt, but I wasn’t going to risk it. Much like the crib, once she deemed the shelf “climbable” she wasn’t going to let one spill stop her from trying again. As a result, Nicki’s toys are all over our living room. (We really don’t need any more tripping hazards…)

The stuff in the other category is really superfluous. I don’t need a diploma frame, especially if I’m not planning on hanging my diploma.

Overall I’m happy with my purchases, even if I did overspend on a couple of occasions. I look forward to seeing those pasta containers on the counter in our new home one day.

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