October 16, 2014

In Search of Some Home Solutions

I have been a busy little bee preparing the house for Ziggy’s arrival, and with an eye to our move this coming spring / summer. There are a few things that just aren’t working out and I’m looking to fix.


The first is our fans. Before Nicki was born Domingo and I wanted to get a fan to help circulate the air. We stumbled upon the Vodnado which seemed awesome. It was specially designed to circulate the air by directing an air funnel at the wall and having it disperse throughout the room. As a result, the air gets circulated evenly and you don’t need to be sitting right in front of the fan to feel it’s effects. We wanted to reduce the chances of SIDs, but not chill the baby, so it seemed perfect. Additionally it was a heavy duty fan with a five year warranty. We got one for the master bedroom and were so happy with it we purchased two more for the other bedrooms.

Within a year the fan in Nicki’s nursery went kablooey. It was our fault. We kept the fan on the dresser with the humidifier. The fan had apparently sucked in enough moisture over the past months to rust. We had no idea until the motor gave out and set off the fire alarm, in Nicki’s room, at eleven o’clock at night. That’s when we learned that babies can apparently sleep through fire alarms. She woke up just as we had managed to get that dang thing turned off. We replaced the fan and moved the humidifier.

The fan in the master bedroom started going a few months later. It used to make an even hum as it ran all night. Now it sounds like too much dust has collected in the motor, and it made an uneven sound as the motor started to struggle. We swapped out the bedroom fan for the office fan. Another year later, the same problem is occurring.

The fans do an excellent job at circulating the air, I’m just not eager to have to replace them every year. Thankfully we still have on fan we can use when Ziggy arrives to help reduce the SIDs risk, but I’d really like a more permanent solution. I like my circulated air.

I’m seriously considering one of those dyson fans. I am not sure if they will live longer, but they are quieter and safer for small kids since they’re bladeless.

A High Chair/Booster

Last year I posted about how I grew to dislike our high chair. We replaced the high chair with a booster seat in February, which was easier to clean but not perfect. Food manages to collect between the booster and the chair. The chair actually looks pretty gross now, despite repeated cleanings.

Thankfully the dinning room set was already slated to be demolished before we moved. I managed to break a chair when assembling it the first day it arrived. A few days later my mom was visiting and broke a rung on a second chair. That was six years ago. Ever since then it’s been held together with a combination of wood glue and masking tape. It’s now also scratched to hell.

When we move I’m thinking about getting a high chair like they have in restaurants – those that resemble a single block of wood that can be cleaned with a wash cloth. Why are high chairs and boosters always so difficult to clean?

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